Project Fashion Wellington is an exciting new platform to help up and coming Wellington designers to create their own fashion label.



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Participants are provided with guidance and an environment to help them enter the fashion industry to create their own label. This Fashion Mentorship Programme provides work space, design advice, sewing machinery, social media understanding and small business support.

Participants will have exclusive access to The Creation Station three days a week to assemble a capsule collection of at least 10 garments. There is a high expectation of designers completing a comprehensive, fluid collection with strong attention to detail.

Between March to June finalists will be picked by our mentors Kate Diana Spencer and Sue Bowerman, along with panelists Sophie Kasoylides, Jaye Glam Morgan and Adrienne Marsh.

In July the collections will be presented to the public with a Catwalk show.

The intention of this event is to promote Wellington made fashion and assist designers with a professional foundation to enter the industry.

Portfolios are to be sent to

Portfolios are to consist of 10 – 20 photos of garments you have created and a bio of yourself and your work. It is not necessary that entrants be qualified or overly experienced but exude a passion and talent to forge a career in the fashion industry.

Preference will be given to those that show an extreme want to succeed and establish a label that shows a clear theme with high quality finishing.

Please note that this is for a fashion label not wearable art.

Applicants must be Wellington residents.

Wednesday February 1
Applications open

Sunday March 19
Applications Close

Sunday March 26
Finalists Notified

Wednesday March 29
Finalists can start use of Creation Station Space.

Small business and social media short courses

Thursday June 22
Capsule collections completed.

Project Fashion Wellington Runway Show

2pm Sunday 9th July - Te Papa
55 Cable Street, Wellington

Come check out the capsule collections put together the last 3 months. Your chance to see an amazing show and check out the works of Wellingtons best emerging Fashion designers.

The show will start at Te Papas Wellington foyer and move in procession to Te Marae.

Project Fashion Wellington Display Space

11am–6pm, Sunday 13th–31st July - Public Trust Building
Cnr Lambton Quay and Stout St, Wellington

Designers will be on site taking workshops and orders of garments. See Project Fashion Wellington Facebook page for updates.

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We would like to thank Wellington City Council for supporting us in this venture.image




Rebecca Tannant

Rebecca Tannant has a passion for creating and wearing beautiful clothing
with an edge. Her desire to create led her to study at the NZ Institute of
Fashion Technology. During her time at NZIFT she created her first mini
collection, titled 'Sinister Beauty', reflecting her style and wish to create a
brand different from that of the current market. In 2015 Rebecca received the
"All Round Excellence" Award at the NZ Fashion Tech 2015 Graduation
Rebecca's vision is to create both ready to wear day and evening wear
with Gothic and grunge influences with classic feminine silhouettes. Her
creations are dark, elegant and edgy with a focus on texture and detail.


Bridget Scanlan

Living with diabetes means carrying a multitude of medical equipment with you, wherever you go. But traditional equipment bags are cumbersome, clinical and lacking in style.

Enter KIT: a handcrafted range of bags combining medical care with couture.

Designer Bridget Scanlan was diagnosed with diabetes at 20. KIT is an expression of her fashion skills, and belief that the experience of diabetes can be enhanced and, with the right accessory, empowering.
Bridget has a
business degree, a psychology degree and a Certificate in Fashion
Technology from NZ Fashion Tech.


Ischtar Lyla Moon

Ischtar Lyla Moon is a young fashion designer passionate about bringing ethical fashion to the mainstream. Her streetwear label Lead Candy uses ethically sourced fabrics to create bold & quirky designs that challenge the common misconception of eco-fashion as boring, beige & inherently unfashionable.

She draws inspiration from her unique childhood growing up next door to the Paparoa National Park, near Punakaiki, and her ongoing involvement in conservation initiatives in the area. Her current collection Urban Pests is intended as a commentary on the irony of the "Pest free NZ" eradication program, while humans are the ultimate invasive species.


Kristen Meacleam

Kristen upcycles materials to create high-end fashion pieces for creatives and those seeking one of a kind garments. Her desire is to create exciting, environmentally conscious fashion is a response to the dull and over-saturated fast fashion industry. While her work is a mash of aesthetics, it commonly plays with bold colours, unusual shapes and dashes of glitter. She largely takes inspiration from musicians and treasures she discover’s in opshops. She dreams of seeing her upcycled creations being worn at the Met Gala in the near future.

Kristen graduated Massey with Bachelor of design with honors 2016 and was part of the emerging designer’s section of iD fashion week this year.


Jerome Taylor

Jerome Taylor is a Wellington based designer who studied at New Zealand Fashion Tech. Jerome is a qualified machinist, pattern maker and holds a diploma in fashion design and technology. He showcased in New Zealand Fashion Week for the first time last year and will be in the New Generation Show this year in August. Jerome's label Not For You is a high end menswear label that empowers everyday men to walk the street with confidence.



Millie Askew

Millie Askew is currently working on developing a new collection,"Sand A Side" which draws inspiration from New Zealand natural landscape, the adventures we have in them and the D.I.Y nature that is embedded into our culture. 

"Sand A Side" focuses on using traditional methods of making and utilizing natural materials to recontextualise the way we stereo-typically view slow fashion by designing garments that fit into a contemporary fashion world.

Millie graduated from Massey University in 2016 with a Bachelor of fashion deign with first class honours.


Project leaders

We are at the very heart of creating Project Fashion. The glue that binds all the key ingredients to give those selected the best programme for turning fashion dreams into capsule reality.


Kate Spencer

Designers will receive the full benefit of Kate's strong market awareness and her knowledge of the demands and constraints facing industry participants, gleaned from nearly 20 years working as a screen printer and garment designer. Kate will provide unique insights into the design environment and how it shapes the people within it.

Kate is Director of The Creation Station and Creative Director of Limited Edition Homewares label Moonlight Kingdom.


Sue Bowerman

As the owner of Bowerman School of Design Sue’s development and support for young designers is un paralleled. Her students have received success both nationally and internationally.

Sue is part owner of The Creation Station and a Wedding Celebrant and keen fashionista.



Specially selected for their diverse range of design, fashion, business and coaching skills, Project Fashion’s mentors will be on hand to offer advice on everything from garment design and production, styling and creating the beginnings of a strong brand for their capsule collections. They will be the ones helping those selected for this exciting pressure cooker of creativity, stay calm and keep all eyes on the prize.

Adriene Marsh

As the Head Designer for Kowtow Clothing, Adrienne Marsh is deeply concerned with sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

Adrienne has worked in the fashion industry for over 11 years. She is experienced in street wear and avant-garde design, having worked for Huffer and Nom*d.

Inspiration comes to her most easily when traveling the world and indulging in her music passions as a DJ.

Emma Hart

A background in journalism and lifelong obsession with fashion, textiles, design and popular culture has been honed over 18 years working in Europe where Emma still lives commutes to every few weeks from Wellington to run her coaching agency.

In between, she can be found scouring Denmark and Sweden for original mid-century Scandinavian furniture and lighting for her store in the capital Skandi where she also imports original lines of new fashion and accessories.

Her jet set life allows her insights into everything from street trends in Serbia to finding edgy fashionistas in the Faroe Islands.

Emma studied fashion forecasting and fashion illustration at Central Saint Martins in London.

Sophie Kasoylides

Sophie has been a fixture on the Wellington fashion scene for years.

Currently she works as a personal shopper at David Jones.

After coming back from Greece where she was a buyer and manager at high end clothing boutique Ammos, working between stores in Athens and Santorini.

Previous to this she worked at Zambesi, Wellington. Sophie is a regular attendee at New Zealand and Australian fashion weeks.

Special advisors

Those selected will be pushing their own boundaries and when the going gets tough they will have an incredible selection of technical advisors to help them achieve design excellence.

Anthony Gardiner
Social Media

Anthony Gardiner has worked in the social media field since 2008 for clients including NZ Defence Forces, McDonalds, Fonterra, Air New Zealand, Frucor, FlyBuys and many others, using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Weibo.

Anthony writes for Stop Press and NZ Marketing Magazine, speaks at conferences and lectures for Auckland University and the New Zealand Marketing Association.

Jaye Morgan

Jaye Glam has always had a penchant for fashion, but it wasn't until she moved to Wellington that she cemented herself in the industry.

Known for her unique style and eye catching flair, Jaye Glam attracts some attention wherever she goes.

As a regular fixture at runway shows and insider events, her keen eye as a stylist and fashion commentator have made her a trusted and much coveted voice on the New Zealand fashion scene.

Helen Forster

Helen is the owner and operator of her own custom made bridal wear business, Helen Forster Bridal. Each season she makes multiple gowns and works individually with each bride to create their own custom made look.

Helen started her career by studying at NZ Fashion Tech and then moved on to Massey University to complete a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) with Honours. After graduating in 2008 she went straight on to starting the business, now 8 years on Helen is currently having her busiest bridal season to date. 

We picked Helen for this role as she is a master of construction. Who describes herself as a perfectionist and is willing to go the extra mile so her bride will have the perfect gown. She will be offering advice to participants on design, patternmaking and construction.

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